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COVID-19 sucks. Let's work together to keep our economy going.

If you're anything like us, the shelter in place policy is driving you a little stir crazy. And, COVID-19 is killing our local economy, really affecting the service industry that has been shut down. 

We thought about a way to hang out with friends, learn something, and help our local businesses. And thus LetsHangIn was formed. It's basically virtual classes that you take with your friends, hosted by local bartenders, chefs, fitness instructors, and more so they can make some money in this uncertain time. 

We're both very fortunate to be able to work remotely and so we're setting this site up to help our local economy. 100% of the profits collected will go back to the instructors or a charity to help out the local community (food banks, non-profits helping the service industry, etc).

We're not engineers or developers (we put this site together in 8 hours). We're both just super passionate about helping people. If you have feedback or want to help contribute to the site, hit us up so we can help our neighbors who need a hand.

With gratitude,

Noopur & Sahil