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How it works

How it works

Mission statement

COVID-19 is really nuts, and we recognize that many people’s incomes are being directly impacted 19. We set up LetsHangIn for a couple of reasons:

·        Provide income to the service staff

·        Provide entertainment to those that are Sheltered in place

·        Build community (not walls) during these tough times

What we do

We build a platform where you can host a live video class, teaching a small group of people your craft. People have expressed interest in teaching classes about cooking, cocktail making, yoga, meditation & wine tasting. We are open to pretty much anything! 


85% - goes directly to the teachers

5% - goes to a local food bank

10% - processing and hosting fees. Of this fee, 5% goes to Stripe (credit card processing), and about 5% goes to hosting fees. 

We are taking $0 profit, this is our way to help during this crazy time. 


For any bartending/cooking classes, we reccomend that you book a min of 3 days in advance so you can get supplies.