Basic Lactofermentation and Reducing Food Waste

Learn how to ferment all kinds of fruits and veggies with the owner of Root, Atlanta's fermentation and food history company.

We'll cover what fermentation is and how to do it safely, and you'll receive a digital handout with tips and tricks, some fun science facts, and recipes.

We'll use what we learn to make delicious fermented treats out of food scraps, like carrot peels and tops or broccoli stems, all fermented using simple equipment you probably have at home.
I'll demonstrate how to make basic sauerkraut as well as how to make a pickling brine to ferment whatever you desire, from deli full sours to dilly beans or even fruit!

About the instructor: Julia Skinner, PhD is the founder of Root, which offers online and in person classes, a membership program, and research and creative services. She is also a food writer, with her next book (on the history of fermentation) coming out next year. You can learn more about her work at or on social media at @rootkitchens