In this class we will learn some popular Indian snacks and appetizers that can be made with the simplest super market ingredients.
The ingredient and prep list will be sent to you before the class, so that cooking along on the day of the class will be fun and we can get a lot done with a little prep done ahead of time.

We will be making:
Onion Fritters-"PYAZ K PAKORA" Thinly sliced onions coated in chickpea flour and pan fried till crisp

Grilled Cauliflower n mushrooms- "TANDOORI GOBI AUR MUSHROOM"- You will make your own spice blend and marinate the cauliflower and the button mushrooms and then pan grill them indoors with me

Cilantro Chutney- "DHANIYE KI CHUTNEY" -The perfect dipping sauce to go with the above appetizers- Made with fresh cilantro and garlic

You will absolutely love these simple yet flavorful dishes that can make you the life of any potluck you host or get invited to!

I encourage all my students to work with simple seasonal ingredients that are easy to find so that you can make these dishes often!

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