Cast Iron Baked Pancake

A delicious breakfast dish that comes together in a pinch—a welcome alternative to your traditional stovetop pancakes!

In this class, you'll learn how to make this baked pancake as well as the science behind its cooking process. Top it with butter, syrup, and fruit of your choice! Also keeps well in the fridge for 3 days.

Cast iron skillet

Whole milk or heavy cream
3 eggs
All-purpose flour
Almond meal (or other nut flour)
Vanilla extract
Unsalted butter

Class time: 1 hour. Upcoming class times:
Friday 5/1 10am PST
Saturday 5/2 10am or 1pm PST
Friday 5/8 10am PST
Saturday 5/9 10am or 1pm PST
Sunday 5/10 10am PST
Friday 5/15 10am PST
Saturday 5/16 10am or 1pm PST
Sunday 5/17 10am or 1pm PST

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